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Information of Land intended for leasing out to developers for setting up of Solar Power Plant under component of PM-KUSUM Scheme

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A. General Information

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ii. Name of the legitimate legal heir of the land in case of demise of original owner *

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iv. Name of owners of four bordering lands: (mention NA wherever not applicable)

a. Eastern Side

b. Western Side

c. Northern Side

d. Southern Side

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B. Details of Land

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C. Concerned APDCL offices

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The information submitted above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and no related information is/are concealed.

It is to undertake that the land mentioned herein above is/are under absolute possession of the undersigned and no litigation is pending before any forum.

It is also to undertake that the undersigned will be leaglly bound to compensate all damages caused in the event of anything of the aforementioned proven false at a subsequent date without any conditionality.

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